Priest things & witch camp

I was lamenting to a friend, M, that I wasn’t sure where to take my [teaching] career, what to study for a Masters, etc and he was like, “I would suggest ordination but, I gather, with paganism, you don’t really have institutions?”

I appreciate that M said this because it makes me feel like my devotion and energy into paganism is seen by my community. ❤

I was glowing and told him that I recently joined the Troth, which does have a clergy program. I have bought all the necessary books for the Heathen Essentials program (I’ve just finished reading the Eyrbyggja Saga!), which is the slow start to the Lore program which can then branch out into the Clergy program.

Some friends of mine–a Muggle and a witch (couple) respectively–are going to a witch camp this weekend. The rituals are to Hekate and Odin. I totally forgot that there was going to be an Odin rite so now I am FUCKING ECSTATIC (subtle Odinik implication intentional there haha)(I am using Odinik with a K to differentiate from far right/white supremacist people).

I plan to mention this calling to priesthood at the camp, but mostly I hope to take notes on how people are doing ritual, the tools they use, the reasoning behind it all, etc. I’m bringing my rune dice and my Odin’s Journey: Norse Wisdom cards (rare, out-of-print, and awesome–probably the best $30 impulse buy I have ever spent). Additionally, there is a heathen camp later on in June, which I will be attending, so I will have lots of opportunity there to learn, grow, observe, take notes, and meet other heathens.

I currently have parsley cheese onion BEER BREAD in the oven for the witchy feast this weekend and it’s all very thrilling. It’s gonna be such a delight to go back to this glorious campground. I am psyched.

We leave tomorrow! We all took a day off of work to depart earlier in the day. I’m unlikely to take pictures, because it’s really not that kind of event or space, but I will definitely come back and write about it once I have digested my experiences!