My gods

There is a gifting cycle between me and the gods.


Odin by Robin Artisson.

Odin is the Norse god of war, poetry, magic, frenzy, and the Hunt.

Loki and Hela

Loki is the Norse god of tricks, shapeshifting, and change. Hela, his daughter, is the goddess of death. The art of Hela was done by Nigel Jackson.

Freyr and Freya

The Shining twins of Vanaheim! Freya loves cats, magic, sex, and battle. Freyr enjoys boars, sex, and battle.

Sacred Texts

He hath need of fire, who now is come,
numbed with cold to the knee;
food and clothing the wanderer craves
who has fared o’er the rimy fell.

The Havamal, verse 3, trans. by Olive Bray

From the gods to the earth to us. From us to the earth to the gods. A gift for a gift.

— Lou Stead, the Ravenbok