Hela’s Arrival

So this year, I jokingly called my July schedule The Month of Hell.

Hela noticed.

Then, in August, spurred by I-am-not-sure-what, I did a rite to Her at an outdoor shrine at a pagan camp. I introduced two friends to Her at the same time; one of whom felt very compelled to get to know Her better afterward.

At Samhain, I held my usual Hela rite, but invited my brother and his girlfriend. So, they too met Hela.

I started including Her in my monthly hearth cult. I made Hela a Spotify playlist. I found a Hel subreddit.

I started to realize I was doing a lot for Her–more than usual. Then, I got a tarot reading (that was originally for Odin) that offered me a chance to do some deep ancestor worship with Hela.

Thursday, I got an extra reading, specifically for Hela and the ancestors because I wanted to be sure I was interpreting the situation correctly. (Thanks, L, for that!)

In the live virtual reading, Hela, in her usual tough manner, encouraged me to just freaking start already and do the cultus of incorporating ancestors and doing slow, manageable research [in tandem with grad studies].

This feel right. Having Her here feels good. I think my ancestors are happy too.

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