Rune study 2021-2022

I just read The Runic Book of Days by Kelley Harrell. I’m going to use its framework to study the runes for a year.

Image description: pictured is the first page of my new rune journal. In black stamps, it says “Rune Journal 2021”. A fox is stamped above the title. A hand-carved FEHU is stamped below.

The start point is the summer solstice, which doesn’t *really* fit my personal spiritual schedule, but I’m going to roll with it for the sake of following the text. I figure if, after a year, I’d like to continue these studies, I can adapt it to my own framework.

I’ve had some very positive rune visions lately that feel auspicious. I’ve noted them in my ongoing “Rune dreams” google doc so that I can observe my rune dreams and visions over the course of the year. I wish I had thought of this sooner–it’s so useful!

Some joyous news: I’ll be camping at a pagan campground next weekend! I hope to do a small 3-person group rite for Hela, as well as greet the Norse deities at their ve. I plan to bring lots of alcohol for offerings… and so me and my friends can have a horn to lift too!

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