Virtual Trothmoot 2021

I attended Trothmoot virtually this weekend. What a delight! I couldn’t attend everything–nor did I want to sit in front of a screen ALL weekend. But! I got to attend: a workshop about Odin’s names and a stunning future oracle deck of his heiti (unfortunately the website is not great and has no art posted), a workshop using the 4 elements as otherworldly journeying aids, a charming blot to Idunna, a glorious blot to Loki (yes, really), a workshop about necromancy, and the Grand Sumbel.

Hailing Loki at his blot really reminded me of why I’m a heathen. There’s nothing like a good HAIL to boost one’s spirits! The blot had heart-warming prayers to Loki thanking him for joy, survival, and love. It was really nice. A few longtime Troth members reflected on the changes in the organization, thanking Loki for telling the Troth to rescind the Loki ban. That was cool to hear.

My last post was really down and sad. But after this weekend, I feel more hopeful. I want to spend the rest of the summer radically re-envisioning my spiritual practice, my holidays, my bonds to spirits, and my magical practice.

Thanks to Winifred’s 4 elements workshop, I also met a new god that I hope to sit with sometime this summer.

Also, a silly side note: it had been nine years since I’d participated in a sumbel, so I literally forgot what it was. Thankfully, I remembered very quickly. For those who don’t know it’s a round of toasts, usually toasting the gods, the ancestors, and oneself. With a big group, such as the 60+ group at Trothmoot, it takes a looooong time. I didn’t survive passed round one, as I was pooped from attending so many Zoom events. But it was still good fun!

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