Deep Questions in a Fallow Time (Nap Time!)

So, prompted by the Nap Bishop’s teachings and this spiritual burnout, I’m really thinking a lot about rest. I have some healthy habits I wanna integrate more: once-a-month personal days where I do something nice for myself (visit the library or a garden), weekly cross stitch nights, naps, haiku walks, etc. I want to try and observe these habits for a year and see where it gets me.

I thought about making a self-marriage oath for it but I think it’s unnecessary.

I thought about tech sabbaths too, where I unplug from technology, but listening to a podcast while I cross stitch or playing a video game are things that bring me joy. So, rather, a social media unplugging might be nice at some point. I’ll have to think about it.

Reading Cara Freyasdaughter’s recent blog post where she allowed herself to ask some deep questions has given me space to be more honest with myself too:
if I focus on my well-being, will I need faith for anything? Will I even need Odin? (I’m focusing on Odin specifically since He asked me to deepen my practice with Him.)

There are sub-questions too like, what do the gods bring to my life? Do I enjoy ritual with the gods? How close or far do I need the gods to be?

For the past month or so, I’ve been thinking about Satan a lot. Random, I know. I’m not going to convert to demonolatry or anything. Perhaps, more than Satan or Satanism necessarily–I realize as I write this–I’ve been thinking about the Devil card in tarot. I’ve even had a few demon-themed dreams.

And I realize the message is this: be self-indulgent. Be selfish.

I keep trying to upload the image of the Devil from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck and Firefox has repeatedly crashed, so I’ll just take this as a sign to put the card on my altar instead.

Speaking of my altar…

A friend recently gifted me with a beautiful Japanese furoshiki or cloth. It’s got cherry blossoms on one side and waves on the other. The gift prompted me to redo my altar with rest in mind. So I created an inspiration board to remind me of what inspires me and taped it on the wall behind my altar. My tarot and runes are smack in the center instead of on the side. The deity statues are on the sides now because they are less central in my life at the moment. I am quite pleased with the results.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep blogging here. I do enjoy it.

What are your favourite restful habits?

One thought on “Deep Questions in a Fallow Time (Nap Time!)

  1. I take the weekends off writing and most social media. I still chat with friends, but I’m not on Twitter (which I mostly use for writing.)


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