A Visit from Frey

“I want you to be happy,” he said.

I couldn’t see him, exactly, but I could feel his essence: warm sunshine on a summer afternoon. I got a profound sense that he is happy, loves happiness, values it, and wants to spread it.

“Eat well, play well, and be well,” he added.

And not to say, here, that I am not happy or well. But, what with a lot of work at the beginning of the year, and the pandemic going on, I think I’ve been more serious-minded. (Frey also noted that Odin has me invested in the life of the mind a lot, and that I need to connect to my body too!)

He wants to be a household god along with his sister Freya, Loki, and Odin. I’m not sure I’m gonna have spare cash for a statue since I am going back to school soon. But I could print an image! Lately, my trio of household deities have been associating themselves with the elements. Freya noted that I was missing the element of Earth, and naturally she said, “Hey! You know my brother. You’re friends with Frey, right? You should talk to him!”

Because as any devotee of Freya knows, she often brings her brother along.

If I understood him right, he may have also asked me to honour his parents, Njord and Nerthus, at Freyfaxi, rather than him but that will take some checking by divination and omen. I have no idea why he wants me to meet them, other than that Njord and I both enjoy boating and might get along.

Now that I think of it, Freya has been hinting for awhile that spending time in a Vanatru-mindset might be good for me. I’ve been distracted from that message because I’ve also been trying to reconnect with Loki again. I focused so much on Queen Guinevere from late 2017 to 2019, then Odin and Frigga at the beginning of 2020… at this point I kinda feel like I am reintroducing myself to Team Norse. While it’s true I’ve been a heathen for nine years, it was a very scattered nine years filled with illness, delusions, and mental pain. So, now that I’m well, I am slowly edging back into a more thoughtful, connected Heathenry.

I did try to start monthly rites for different Heathen deities but concluded that celebrating the holidays, plus one day per month focusing on a rotating household deity is enough for now.

I’m really excited to see Frey. I think his happiness will teach me to prioritize my well-being more.

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