Poking at my practices

I keep pondering how to include the Arthurian pantheon and I still don’t think it’s going to work. I have some ideas for small observances and several bigger rituals (Easter, May Day, and Pentecost), but… these figures were never worshiped. It was the Christian God that was worshiped through the myths. And I don’t want to do that.

Additionally, I had planned a monthly heathen ritual for each month, rotating through different deities within Heathenry. My goal for these rituals is to get to know heathen deities I don’t usually interact with. I don’t really want to cancel those.

I’m also working on small rites on the ninth day of each month, rotating between Freya, Loki, and Odin (FLO rites). The first one with Freya was quite successful. Her statue arrived just this past week so I am quite thrilled to have rearranged my household shrine to make room for Her. She seems pleased with the progress I have made with Her.

Things with Odin have stalled. After having run through a gamut of relationship styles over nine years, and having that bond totally wrenched through the lense of mental illness, He feels distant, as if seen through mist. Lots of mist imagery from Him lately.

I’ve got a feeling on where He wants to go next. I want to take some time this afternoon to read Zen poetry because it feels like a direction, even though I am not about to become Buddhist or anything. I’ve been getting enlightenment-related vibes from Him for over a year now, so it feels like a natural progression.

It’s very frustrating to be on pause though. I want to say that I miss Him, but I am not even sure if I see Him clearly anymore. I know what my blockage is but I can’t seem to let go of it.

On the other hand, at least, Loki has really been keen lately. His family members have been popping in. They’re challenging me to get to know them a little better. It’s nice. I’ve joined some Lokean online groups so the Loki vibes in my life have gotten heavier haha!

I celebrated Thorrablot last weekend. It was quite nice! I made sure to include Sif too. However, because I have now introduced my dad and his girlfriend to mead, I ran out, so I offered caribou wine instead. I am sure Thor and Sif were pleased anyway because it is 22% alcohol and I gave them a nice glass of it!

Anyway, worst comes to worst, I think that with my upcoming Masters degree, I can AT LEAST hang on to the heathen holidays even if my monthly deity rituals and FLO rites fall by the wayside.

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