Rune Pull Results

Happy new year to you all!

I pulled a rune each morning from Nov 7th 2020 to December 31st 2020. I missed ten non-consecutive days so that amounts to 45 days of almost-daily rune use. I used my three d8 plastic rune dice.

Most frequent runes: Hagalaz (6 times), Wunjo (6 times), Algiz (4 times)

At the beginning of December, I went through a short phase where I pulled Hagalaz and Wunjo a lot. Out of all the runes I pulled, I think I deepened my connection to Hagalaz the most.

Unpulled runes: Jera, Perthro, Sowelu, Laguz, and Dagaz

I think that it’s harder to get variety in the runes I am receiving because the dice are eight sided. It’s very different from drawing individual tokens. I do not feel that these missed runes have a particular message for me. Perhaps, it wasn’t simply the right time to receive that rune.

Developments: rune dreams, spontaneous use of runes in journeying (Kenaz, twice), some intuitions about runes, and a visit from Odin

While rune dreams are not unfamiliar to me, I’ve not much tried using the runes in journeying. I am super excited about this new development. I think it will be a great tool over time and practice. On reflection, I am a little surprised I haven’t tried this sooner, but I think that’s because I was more focused on communing with Deity than exploring magic in a journey.

Lack: While sometimes I barely had two or three minutes to write down notes, I still found it useful to even take the briefest possible time to muse on the runes.

There were a few days–not many but a few–where the only note I wrote down was: “too brain dead to think!”


Rune Secrets by Tyriel: I did find that because this was in ebook form, my Kobo sometimes took far too long to load. So I was rushed and sometimes skipped looking at this book. It’s a shame, because I love the ideas in it. It might be worth investing in a physical copy one day.

Taking Up the Runes by Diana Paxson. I only looked at the first half of her book, which describes and investigates the runes. I did not use the second half of the book, which was all about runic rituals.

Funnily enough, I did not end up using my Edred Thorsson books this time around.

Notes: I have a new rune set of actual wooden tokens coming in the mail, so I’ll definitely be returning to this practice soon enough. I’ll be pausing for a bit to practice with some new oracle cards I got for Christmas… the Supra Oracle! Wow! The deck did not come with the book, so I have that on order.

Conclusions: This was a delightful low-key way to reconnect to Heathenry and magic. I really enjoyed this. I consider this a very successful practice too so I am pleased.

I have to thank Tyriel’s Rune Secrets Discord community for being an awesome place to discuss the runes and contemplate mysteries. Y’all rock.

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