Arthurian Powers-That-Be

I’m not really writing Who These People Are, but more about my spiritual relations to them. I’m not sharing all my calendar practices about them, because these things are still in development and I want to let this calendar cook in the oven a little more!

King Arthur Pendragon

He is a super strong fatherly figure. Out of all the Powers I have met, he’s given me powerful fatherly vibes that outmatch anyone else. It feels a little awkward at times, knowing he is somewhat of a colonial power, but I’m learning and doing research to navigate that.

He’s been a very quiet, patient presence throughout my pagan practice. I associate him with bears, stags, and dragons.

Queen Guinevere

Admittedly, she is my ex-wife (spirit-spousery being a thing). But, we still have a strong friendship. I feel like I’m a fan of her bond with King Arthur and that fanboyishness supports their relationship somehow? It sounds odd, I know, but that’s what it feels like. When I was in a relationship with her, it definitely felt weird that like, my spiritual father was married to my spiritual wife, but they always took it in stride, so I guess I learned to too.

Later on, my internal UPG developed. I associate her with sunflowers, ladybugs, deer, and shamrocks. (I know she’s Welsh/English, but shamrocks came through anyway.)

In my ideal world, polyamory exists within the Arthurian legends, and it is totally ok that Queen G and Sir Lancelot have a relationship while she is also married to King A. Obviously that is not what happens in the myths, but you know, people have been writing fan fiction about King Arthur forever, so it’s fine. (*whispers* Sir L and King A are besties for a reason, what if it’s a poly triad? Come on, it’s in the text.)


He is Arthur’s son with his half-sister Morgana. In the myths, Mordred doesn’t really get along with anybody and tries to take over Arthur’s kingship and wife. But… I get a strong sense of respect from him. I think he has a cyclical aspect and sacred role in the myths. He and King Arthur together remind me a bit of the Oak King and Holly King myth, fighting each other for the power of the seasons.

Although I don’t know him well yet as a Power, I get the sense of him as a Winter King and, potentially, a Brother-Knight (UPG).


She is Arthur’s half-sister and accidental lover. Together, they are the parents of Mordred. I get fae Auntie-like impressions from her. She’s formal though. Distant. She might live in Avalon, and likely elsewhere too but I need to reread the myths.

I hope to celebrate her at Imbolc. I have dubbed the holiday as the Visitation from a Witch. The holiday itself does not feel that different from Disting, a Norse goddess-focused holiday in March, so we’ll see how this plays out. This is, of course, a UPG-oriented calendar that focuses on what Arthurian moments and characters feel significant to me. I really hope this will expand over time.

So far, I associate her with silver and apples.


I find it hard to differentiate him from Odin’s vibes, actually, since Odin is such a ferocious Power in my life. But, Merlin seems funnier, more light-hearted, and silly. Odin’s… not particularly silly. Anyway, T.H. White’s The Once and Future King has really influenced my view of Merlin. He’s still wise, of course!

I’m not really sure what role Merlin will play in my life. I feel like Odin fulfills a lot of the functions Merlin might otherwise offer? We’ll see. I hope to reread the lore soon so that might change my perspective.

I associate him with owls, forests, prophecy, and wisdom.

Have you ever interacted with these Powers?

3 thoughts on “Arthurian Powers-That-Be

  1. I was a bit of an Arthurian fangirl in my twenties, the same time period during which I was a Lucifierian godspouse. In fact, the man I ended up marrying (father of my daughter, though now my ex) fancied himself possibly a reincarnation of Arthur. I never went as deeply into the mythos as you are doing, but I’ll be reading your future posts with much interest!


    1. Arthurian lore is where many medievalists start their career. I’m convinced that scholars have been passively/unconsciously offering devotional energy to the Arthurian pantheon just through research and academic writing.

      I’ve definitely heard of a few folks considering themselves reincarnations of him! I’m not sure what to make of it. Regardless of if its true or not, I would imagine following a path of reincarnation like that would be… very intense.

      Thanks for your interest! ^^

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