Posi Samhain vibes

I had a delightful Samhain: I baked beer bread, did divination with my ancestors, and took a spooky walk around my neighborhood. I played card games with my family. I also watched two children’s movies: Nightmare Before Christmas and ParaNorman.

Today, I also got a last-minute invite to Valiel Elentari’s Youtube live ancestor meditation. So, with my coffee at hand, I sat in on that, getting runic advice from the dead. (Fair warning: it’s in French.) Like other rites and rituals I have attended of Valiel’s, there was a peaceful meditative feel to it.

It’s been a wonderfully spooky weekend.

Something I’ve really been musing on this weekend is how much I miss Heathenry and its deities. Really heartfelt missing. It’s been sort of sweet? Almost akin to the more mystical sensations of Longing for the Beloved, except not quite, since I don’t call any deity that. (I’m not sure what to call Odin now, honestly.)

I’m really leaning in towards devoteeship and not giving myself anything to do. Ok well. I have some mini projects in mind, and some pagan classes I want to take, but I am instructing myself to not take on any Big Jobs or Tasks.

Odin is also very sternly telling me to focus on devoteeship and not anything bigger. He seems very serious about it. This also points to me not knowing what to call him? He’s not a Beloved, he’s not a Task Master, or Master… I once had a diviner say “you will follow your Lord” or some such thing many years ago, and the idea of him as my Lord kinda makes sense? Still, perhaps he is the Hooded One now, and a new face could be revealed…

He’s also been nudging me towards certain deities, which is healthy, because my practice shouldn’t be all about him anyway. (Other people may focus on a deity or three, but my practice has always been rather expansive.)

I’ve definitely been getting hints from spirits on what to study, who to interact with, and what to focus on in the upcoming months. It’s starting to feel like a real team effort. I don’t quite want to reveal identities just yet although I’m sure I’ll be talking about it in the next month or two.

I don’t mind sharing the topics though So, I want to look more at Taoism, ancestor veneration, and the Wild Hunt. (And just as fun research for myself, I want to read Alan Watts’s biography since I have listened to so many of his lectures and chillstep remixes of his work anyway). I’d like to read books-about-deities a little more often, just to understand Them better. I also hope to return to rune studies at some point or another! That may be in the new year, depending on… well… the amount of homework I am giving myself haha! It’s nice to feel inspired though. It’s a joy really.

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