Reconnecting with Odin

So, last night, I was unusually tired, but I found a few new hymns to Odin online. I wore my Elder Futhark prayer beads. I sat down and made him a small and easy offering of water. The hymns I found were raw and vulnerable, which is what I needed then.

He was present as Sigtyr, god of victory.

It was a comfort to have word from him, even as he pushed me to examine some things that I have been avoiding. I haven’t prayed much to him or tried to connect with him in months. And he has long been my most powerful and well-loved deity.

He encouraged me to let go of titles and positions (like fultrui for example). He really wants me to focus on being a devotee by starting over with a blank slate. He wants me to be healthy.

It was such a joy to see him, really. There was a moment where he made a joke and made an Important Point at the same time, and I had this reaction of: Ha! There’s the Odin I know!

It was nice.

I’m still exploring Irish paganism and Celtic Reconstructionist paganism, but it was a relief to hear from one of my oldest gods.

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