Additional autumn musings

I tried listening to some Norse folk metal today and found myself feeling so bitter and sad. I realized I am mourning my lost faith, and hope to do some kind of honouring for that this month, even if it’s only writing a letter.

I think that having a very low-key Halloween would be a good idea.

Today, I felt very much of two minds about pursuing Irish paganism. I want to explore it, but feel like I don’t know any of the deities, except the Morrigan. I did study Cuchulain in a university medieval lit class but a friend warned me away from him, saying that far-right Irish nationalists have taken on his image and perverted it. Sigh.

The Morrigan is very much a doorkeeper deity right now, helping me along this path. I don’t even know all her faces yet, but I dedicated my last dragonboating practice to her and managed to say a little prayer.

I feel like I so rarely pray these days. It was nice that I managed to.

2 thoughts on “Additional autumn musings

  1. Ugh — these feels I resonate with so much. Different scenery, but yes. May these times be what you need them to be, and may you find comfort as you are able.


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