Continued fallow times

Well, things are still pretty quiet and slow.

I did have a serious miscommunication with a potential new deity and am now doing my best to avoid him. I find it very easy, lately, for my godphone to get muddled by thoughtforms, personal desires, etc. (Or alternatively, maybe I did hear him correctly and just really don’t want the thing he offered?!?!)

Hellenic deities have been popping by to say hello. There’s an invitation to worship, of course, but I’m still not very motivated. Odin still nudges me periodically, but I am absolutely putting my Norse faith to rest for now.

I have this strong distaste. My perception of deity is that they are pure, unblemished, and Good. Like a kind of frozen perfection. As a reaction to this notion of purity, I had a mild vision of a snake dripping poison. So, there seems to be old ideas in my closet that I need to clear out. I’m not really sure how to do that when magic feels so pointless and useless. There are days when it feels like I don’t even believe in magic anymore.

I feel okay letting things rest. I play my video games, go to work, go to dragonboating practice…

I do have a new tarot deck coming in the mail soon! (Soon???) I managed to purchase one of the last non-Kickstarter copies of the Tarot of Devotion, a medieval-style oracle deck featuring themes like Inspiration, Diligence, Reverence, and more. There are cards featuring nature (valley, forest, rain) rather than a Major Arcana. I’m not really sure why it’s called a tarot deck frankly, since there are no tarot features. Anyway, I am really excited about this gorgeous deck. The artist is also a tattoo artist and has an Instagram.

Other than that, COVID warnings in my city are going on stronger alert so we’ll see how things change. I’m working at a pharmacy now, which is considered essential, so I am sure I’ll still be working. I miss teaching. I hope to go back to it one day.

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