Frith Forge 2020

So, this weekend, I lurked through Frith Forge 2020, an online international heathen event for members of the Troth. I think I would’ve enjoyed myself more if I interacted with people more but I didn’t feel ready. I am still dipping my toes back into paganism!

The event inspired me to have a shrine again, so I have a little tarot altar in my room.

I think my favourite talks were on heathen ethics and on wyrd relations. I learned that heathenry exists in Latin America and that they desperately need Spanish translations. There were some very important talks on folkish heathenry and white supremacy in heathenry. There was also a “fire pit” room where people could just chill and talk.

I think two biggest takeaways were:

  • the idea of halljoy, where there is frith and happiness in your hall/community
  • “Your folx include all with whom you gift.” — Austin Lawrence, a heathen priest in Ontario

People were really energetic and happy to see each other, but I gotta admit, as a newbie who is still feeling half burnt out and bitter about paganism, I couldn’t summon the same positive energy. Still, I did see a few familiar faces…

This event makes me want to engage more with the Troth in the private Facebook group. That could be a nice baby step back into heathenry. ❤

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