Fallow Times.

*gestures awkwardly at spot where shrines used to be*

I preordered a book on Loki months ago and it’s published today. Do I buy it? Do I tell my local indie bookstore that I don’t want it anymore??


Anyway, I’m mostly focusing on daily, mundane stuff these days. I’m trying to read more fiction and scifi, rather than fantasy. I’m trying to take a break from spiritual readings, although Martin Shaw’s Wolf Milk just came in the mail, so I’m arguing with that text a lot (and its blatant cultural appropriation).

I have a few books to pick up this week from the local bookstore, besides that Loki book. There’s a handbook on haiku, and a book on hallucations (so I can learn more about my illness!).

Lama Rod Owens’s book Love and Rage is coming out this month. It’s important to me to listen to a black man I consider a teacher, especially at a time like this where racism and white supremacy are raging it out in my neighbouring country, the US. He’s got a bunch of Instagram videos, if anyone is interested.

I sent down some cash to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to support bail for protestors.

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