Tarot 4 work? musings

I spent much of my day thinking about tarot. I redesigned my “tarot 101 for fun” post-exam workshop for my ESL students to include a Powerpoint and handouts.

I just went for a walk, and started thinking about turning tarot into a whole side hustle, completely with ESL tarot workshops, options to barter, and business cards. I’m unsure if I should resist the urge. I’m trying to slow myself down, since virus-time maybe isn’t the best time to start developing this stuff. (Or is it? IDK)

At any rate, I want to consider developing my own tarot practice more, by giving myself readings more often. Perhaps on a weekly basis?

I’ve definitely explicitly set up my cross stitch hobby as a non-hustle hobby, so that’s a protective measure right there.

Ok, I did a short workout before getting interrupted by a headache. I had a greater think about this.

I’m planning on going back to school to get an MA, so I think trying to jump-start a side-hustle with tarot is not a sustainable idea. My elder, L, has spent a lot of time with me trying to help me understand when to plant a seed, when to let the field in my life be fallow, etc. Especially since I’ve hit a wall with my devotional practice, throwing myself into a little tarot business isn’t necessarily gonna magically fix my practice either.

I think doing a nice little weekly tarot reading for myself, perhaps deepened by a tarot course later this summer, could work. And the tarot course will depend on a lot of things like: is it possible to do in conjunction with my return to work, can I balance it with this online teacher course that my boss is offering, and other questions.

No need to go big, you know?

I get distracted by possible online courses every day–from calligraphy to embroidery to tarot–so who knows if I will still want this course in a week. Granted, I have been thinking about taking this tarot course for a long ass time, so maybe it will be good to get off my butt and do it.



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