Mega Tiny Random Updates

I’ve started taking a mythology class. I don’t want to comment on it too much and just let myself sit with what I am learning.

Things are very quiet. I stitch. I read. I clean. I walk around.

I’ve decided to try letting the Arthurian pantheon back in my life. I’ve put a little dragon on my shrine and a little Grail on a mini red carpet.

I’m a bit scared, but hopeful too.

My ancestors have been around a lot–maybe because I am at home more. They seem happy to see me.

I have stitched two mini medieval creatures, and a trans witchcraft patch. I’ve also mended five pairs of jeans, my comforter, two t-shirts, and my winter jacket pockets.

I like keeping my hands busy.

I’m going to start on a gift for a friend tomorrow. If any of you want to see what I am working on, message me and you can add me on instagram.


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