For Odin

I posted this in a Facebook group and liked it so much that I am posting it here. I wrote it myself.

Even though I wandered through different faiths and explored different gods for six years or so, I feel like on some level, he was just patiently waiting for me to come home.
Hail the Wanderer!
Faith in him helped me through delusions, psychosis, and severe illness.
Hail the Hanged Man!
He recently helped me write an epic transgender myth. He carved my face from driftwood and wrote runes on my tongue.
Hail Othinn!
My Norse faith has sustained me through really tough times. Now that I am healthy, Odin is guiding me to say hello to other deities in his family, like his wife, his sons, etc. (Which makes me wonder, all of a sudden, what is he preparing me for?)
Hail Lord of Asgard!
He’s a huge inspiration to me as a trans guy. Obviously not all his accomplishments are ethical or even good necessarily, but I still find a lot to draw from as a role model. He helps me see what I could look like as I get older and, especially for a trans person, that’s a supremely important thing when this world doesn’t have many elders.
Hail Gondlir!
For April, I want to celebrate Easter through Odin and see what there is to see by paralleling him with this Jesus holiday. I’m really thankful for his presence in my life and the deities he has brought.
Hail Greybeard!
Even as I write this post, I can See myself stitching silver thread into his cloak. I See small silver footsteps in his larger black ones in the earth.
What a wondrous god!
Hail Odin!

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