Post-Norse Lent Ramble

So, two-thirds of the time I succeeded in refraining from my bad habit. That’s pretty good. I realized that I need to create a better sleep schedule to help settle down into sleep, and avoid making myself ill as much as possible. I don’t think I could’ve understood that without taking time away from this habit of mine.

I also read hymns and offerings maybe…. five out of nine days? Something like that. I got my hymns from the Northern Pagan online shrine for Her and from the Frigga devotional I had mentioned a few posts ago.

I made a point to try and get some mending done: sewing patches over holes, stitching breaks in fabric on shirts, etc. This has continued into the coronavirus state of emergency in my city, so I’ve fixed holes and tears in pockets, patched a hole in my comforter, and more.

Frigga seemed happy.

The day after Norse Lent was a Friday. I made a point to give Frigga an extra offering, spontaneously adding in Thor and Sif since it was raining heavily that day. (I actually got caught in the rain).

I skyped with my pagan friend V. I told her I wasn’t sure if I learned about Frigga herself during this Norse Lent season. I complained to her about Frigga’s image as a housewife. She encouraged me to think about Frigga in a more political way, rather than a housewife-y way that more right wing folk might often interpret Her. Frigga is a Queen who takes audiences, manages the kingdom, makes decisions, sets laws, etc when Odin is gone.

So, since then, I have been trying to see Her in a new light. Freya too has told me to think of her more often as a queen. I haven’t made a lot of progress with this yet, mostly because I am being very cautious to go into trance states or extended ecstatic states while alone at home during the entire day. Because I have less activities, work, etc to ground me, I’m concerned that the likelihood of being ungrounded and hallucinating could be higher.

So, I’ve been connecting to my own domestic habits. Rather than see Frigga through this light, it could potentially be interesting to see Freyr in a more domestic light. He is a male role model for me. I am certain his Mother Njord or his Sister Freya would’ve taught him to sew, just as Njord surely taught him to weave nets for fishing. So, to imagine a bisexual male deity sitting in his hall doing a traditionally feminine task pushes the boundaries of these heteronormative dualities I seem to be stuck in.

I’m not sure how to break these dualities, really.

I want to see the God, Goddess, and –what’s a word for a genderfluid deity???– beyond the binaries that seem to be set upon them. Taking Deity out of the box we put them in seems to be an ongoing task for any devotee. Deity should resist definition, and that includes heteronormativity, racism, ableism, and more.

Do any of you, my readers, have thoughts on how to remove stereotypes from your deities?

I’ve been printing a lot of hymns from the various Northern pagan shrines that are, I believe, set up by Raven Kaldera and his crew. While I don’t always agree with all his practices, I do appreciate these online shrines with their collections of images and poems/hymns for practitioners to use.

My binder of Norse hymns is getting thicker. I also store printed images of deities in there, as well as some old artwork I have of the pantheon. It’s satisfying to see this binder of Norse resources grow and grow!

Do you use hymns in your practice?

How do you organize your witchy gear? I keep a Google Drive Grimoire for most things, and then keep print copies of useful things, like tarot spreads, hymns, etc.

I recently went through my witch-drawer of things. I composted, recycled, or threw out most of it, keeping the incense, bottles of snakeskin, and some bits n bobs. I feel more organized now! My favourite feeling! Witchcraft really encourages the accumulation of things.

How do you know what witchy things to keep and what to throw away?

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