Odin’s Crowd

My polytheism continues to get softer, with deities slowly switching faces or trying to show me how they meld with other deities in the pantheon.

I’m into it. After all my exposure to Hinduism, it makes sense to me.

For all that though, I still feel guilty of my continued fanboyishness towards Odin. He’s always been a primary god for me. He is trying to introduce me to other deities in his family so I can understand him better, and talk to other deities. I feel like I *ought* to explore other deities. I dunno.

I’m also poking at ritual ideas. I still want to do Easter for Odin, but hymns and offerings don’t feel especially transformative. I’ll write poetry, certainly, but… hmm…

With the Unitarian Universalist church, I’ll be looking a little bit at Jesus next weekend. Today on Palm Sunday, via Youtube, the church leaders discussed the crowd around Jesus. How did it feel to be in that crowd?

Odin’s crowd is different. Around him are inclusive heathens, white nationalists, fascists, hardcore devotees, BDSM practitioners, poets/skalds, warriors, veterans, disabled folk, scholars, Asatru practitioners, Odinists, volkish believers, and more.

It can be an uncomfortable place to be. Most times when I come out as heathen, I also add that I am not a fascist. I’m a gentle-hearted person, and usually whoever I speak to already has some idea of that, so it’s possible that this justification is unnecessary.

There isn’t a big pagan crowd here in my city. I’ve never found it to be very well organized, or indeed, all that welcoming. My friend tells me that, out west, people of different pagan traditions would all attend each other’s rituals just to foster community and growth.

So, locally, I attend my friend’s Hellenic rituals when I can. There’s a pagan campground I like to visit in my neighbouring province but I don’t think that will happen this summer. It’s a shame as I was hoping to finally attend their heathen event and honour Bragi.

I used to talk about my faith with my students, but now I’ve moved away from that. It feels too personal. Even teaching them the runes–just to spell their names for fun–feels kind of disingenuous.

Ah, but here’s a fun thing I did succeed at! Yesterday, I did a group Zoom chat for my birthday. I had people read excerpts from their favourite books or poems as others listened. Like when teachers or parents used to read to us at school. So, to start off, I told the story of how Thor wore a dress. It was fun and funny. I think it went well. It made me happy to tell, as well. 🙂

So, I am finding small ways to share my faith with others. It’s important for me to do, since any pagan crowd is far and few between. That’s why I like writing here too.

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