Norse Lent So Far & Long Musings

Norse Lent is interesting so far. Frigga seems happy.

I bought the only Frigga devotional I could find so that I could have more hymns to offer her. It’s pretty good, although rather repetitive in the “I am Goddess” phrases. There is variety there but not much. I understand that many of these poems were published for different publications, perhaps as introductory poems to this goddess.

There are quite a few unique poems I am enjoying though, like “Word Weaver”, “Please Weave for Us”, and the Frigga chant. I haven’t read it all yet though. I’m enjoying learning about Frigga through this poetry and find it really useful. Even the author’s more personal poems about her practice feel relevant to my own, although I find myself hardcore resisting the idea of a deity owning someone (I guess as long as it’s healthy for her, it’s cool).

She’s pushing me to learn about her handmaidens. I think these handmaidens are aspects of her and separate faces. I’m developing personal UPG about her in the lack of myth and it’s very interesting. I’ve never done that before with a healthy mindset, and these revelations are really awesome. I feel very thankful. It’s nice to have genuine, kind, boundary-respecting interactions with deity after having been sick for so long.

I’ve done two days of offerings. I gave myself time off from that on Friday because yesterday was very very weird, what with the covid19 going around. I figured focusing on self care on a Friday was an appropriate reaction and that Frigga wouldn’t mind. Once I eat and shower, I’m going to do a small ritual for her today.

So, I’ve given up a bad habit for Norse Lent. So far, I am resisting pretty well, although I had dreams of it while half-asleep this morning. I’d rather not say what I am giving up, as it’s rather private.

So, I thought I would write about some of the themes of Norse Lent:


I can often struggle with this. It’s easy for me to want to buy many books. I work near a bookstore and am friends with the owners. They recommend me books every time I pop in there and, over time, I have developed and explored boundaries with them like: informing them I have a limited bookshelf, that I have limited cash, and/or am limiting myself to 2 books a month

I tried the latter for 2 months this year and let me tell you, it didn’t work. So I decided that as long as I am moderate in my book purchases and am not going into debt, it’s ok. I also want to add that my bookstore-owning friends are very respectful of my limits and are equally happy when I pop in to say hi too.


What am I moderate in? Hm. I often limit myself to one cup of coffee per day, and drink water afterwards. Sometimes I have two cups but never more than that. I would say that I drink more tea and am not as good with drinking water afterwards. So I could practice that there…

I’m also pretty careful when buying clothes. When I can, I prefer to buy secondhand. Sometimes my parents give me gift cards for clothing stores, so I’ll use those, but ultimately I prefer to buy secondhand: it’s cheaper and better for the environment.

When it comes to deity interactions, I try to be moderate about it. I think I may have overdone it a bit lately through focusing too hard on visionary experiences, so I want to focus on tarot, ritual, and action. Scaling back my visions seems to be doing me good. I’ve also been trying to call a friend rather than seek a vision as I walk, just to ensure I’m getting enough time talking to humans rather than spirits. So, I had a brief period of excess, but now I am returning to moderation. 🙂


TL;DR: I need to spend less money out, cook more at home and use my herbs, and use social media more intentionally (or just use it less as a whole!)

Last summer, I grew some herbs on my balcony. I overharvested them, not aware of the Indigenous idea of the Honourable Harvest (take what you need, never take more than half, leave some for others, etc). I dried the herbs and put them in mason jars which felt like a nice domestic feat at the time.

Then, I didn’t cook for months on end. I either ate out, ate super simple quick meals (ramen, tofu sandwiches, quesadillas), or ate frozen foods. I’m slowly starting to cook again by reserving Mondays to cook. But, I still have all those dried herbs in my cupboard. It seems unfair to the plants to have harvested them and not used them. I can use them in the next few weeks, of course, but I didn’t plan my garden well.

Remedy: This year, I am thinking of growing food, like tomatoes and kale, so that it gets used. I might also keep growing lavender, as I am very fond of that plant.

Another point of excess for me is my social media usage. I don’t need to be on Twitter or Instagram as often as I am. I could be reading or stitching or drawing. Perhaps that’s a habit for next year!

Remedy: Or, sometime after Norse Lent, I could take Odin’s Easter to limit my social media use… that would be appropriate as I want to take that weekend to focus on poetry. I’ve also been putting timers on my phone apps, but I keep pressing the “15 more minutes” on Instagram.

Yet another area of occasional excess is eating out downtown. I work in the downtown area of my city and let me tell you, it’s so easy to go grab lunch with a colleague or buy a nice coffee in the morning, or what have you.

Remedy: cook meals beforehand and pack more snacks. Buy another thermos (I keep losing mine) and prepare it before work. Actually, as I write this, it feels really important so I want to try to commit to it.

Ok, last area of excess I want to address: I’ve noticed this year that sometimes, in my insomnia, I will go online and buy books. This isn’t bad, per se, as I haven’t lost tons of money, and I do read the books. But it’s a habit I want to be cautious of. It hasn’t gotten out of hand, but it could.

Last night, I was tempted to buy an affordable limited edition print from an artist I love but I didn’t. On the other hand, it’s a print of someone stitching, and I know I would love to have the print, and cherish it, so I actually might do it anyway! So, perhaps this is a moment to be kind to myself. ^^

Other areas of excess are more benign: drinking a lot with friends at punk and metal shows, staying up late to play D&D, or spending some cash on my students. These moments feel ok! Sometimes excess is healthy, as I am sure Dionysus devotees would counsel.

Do any of you have any good habits around excess? I’d be curious to hear!

2 thoughts on “Norse Lent So Far & Long Musings

  1. First, thanks for the link to that Frigg(a) devotional! I’ve recently begun exploring a relationship with her as well, and in excited to check that out.

    As for excess… My husband is about to start working from home due to the pandemic, and will be using our home computer (which is hooked up to our tv got streaming). I’m looking forward to the way that will force me away from Netflix and other streaming services, and hopefully give me time and space to make better habits regarding how I use my time during the day.


    1. You’re welcome! It’s worth the buy. There’s dozens of hymns in there which is super useful to a devotee!

      That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing that because starting tomorrow, I’ll be working from home too, and I’ll need to watch my media intake…

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