Norse Spiritual Observances

So, given my habit of making big plans and then canceling them, I am planning some small spiritual observances:

  • a nine day Norse Lent, starting next Wednesday
  • Easter, but with a focus on Odin as the Hanged Man
  • an eventual 3 day rebirthing ritual for myself into Norse paganism

My Norse Lent will include giving up something, a small charitable donation, and lots of stitching and mending.

Odin encouraged me to make a sacrifice to try and understand Him better. Frigga told me that as He hung on Yggdrasil, She quilted His Hanging and Her tears soaked the threads. (Did She quilt it beforehand as She knows the fates of all, or did She do it as He Hung?)

I thought that was super interesting (and sad), so I decided to honour Her by taking these nine days to do some long-awaited mending and finishing of stitching projects. It’s also timely, as winter is ending, so I should finish up these projects.

I’m also very curious as to what, in Frigga’s life, compels Her to action, as Her portrayal is very domestic and stereotypical of women of the time. Who is She outside this sphere? Does She fight? Does She wander? (Are Her handmaidens aspects of Her or individual goddesses in their own rights? Or both?)

I’m developing personal UPG about this goddess, and other goddesses in the pantheon. I think it’s becoming a healthy balance to my long-time devotion to Odin. I focus on Him a bit too much, to the detriment of the goddesses. So this is an interesting period for me.

My understanding of Deity seems to be aligning a little bit with how Hindus view their deities as having slippery identities where their deities just have different faces but are still the same deity behind that (i.e., Kali-Durga-Parvati, if I understood that right). I’m just sitting with this new curiosity to see what’s up. It’s nice to have this complication. It feels right.

Frigga Spinning the Clouds by J. C. Dollman (1908)

Easter will be just a three day focus. I thought about making it a nine day cycle but, honestly, doing nine days of Lent and nine days of observing Odin’s Hanging feels like a lot for me right now. I also thought that following the three days of Easter could be really interesting in noting Odin’s correspondences with Jesus.

I grew up in the Protestant church and so I am familiar with Easter. I am curious to mourn Odin’s Hanging like Jesus’s devotees might, just to see what it feels like. Odin dies then comes back with knowledge, akin to how Jesus does, so why not bring those cycles close together and see what I can see?

I’m thinking of taking the time to write poetry. I’ll likely also offer hymns from the Norse pagan online shrines (honestly all those shrines have good hymns, I really recommend it).

And then, sometime later, when I am ready, I would like to do some kind of mourning for my past health and its mixups with religion. Odin encouraged me in this, saying I looked like Baldur on his pyre. He also whispered something to me, but I’ll keep it for myself!

This will be followed by a short… deathy gestation period maybe? Should I involved Hela? Hm. So many thoughts.

And then a rebirth where I ask the Norse pantheon to bless me, my Mjolnir, and my prayer beads too. I’m not sure if I’ll use my name or a craft name or what. (And my name is actually rooted in Iceland already, which was not intentional when I chose it)(I’m a trans guy, for followers who don’t know!) Should I ask them to bless my paint brushes? Hm.

I might ask a friend to be with me for this thing. I dunno.

I’m really unsure as to what I want this ritual to look like. I need to plan it. But death/rebirth rituals seem to be a trans forte, so I am sure I’ll think of something.

I got the impression that Baldur wants to be involved, as a “Life After Ragnarok” deity, which is very kind of Him. (He hinted He would be working with His parents on this, so there’s that too.) I had a vision of His parents names in the sky, with His name below as a star in the night sky…

Illustrated by W.G. Collingwood (1908)

This was at bedtime and I actually got kind of grumpy about receiving a deity vision when I was trying to sleep. I’m trying to get more grounded, which means less communing with Deity for inspiration/revelation, and more talking to friends.

Doing tarot instead of vision work would be healthy too I think. Rather surprisingly, I had a dream last night about a Strength card as a blue and gold shield, in a sort of WoW Stormwind style… was there a lion? I don’t remember now. Tarot is a strength when I let it be.

I welcome suggestions for any kind of death/life – Ragnarok/post apocalypse – Baldur-ish ritual!


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