Brief Thoughts on Valhalla & Folkvangr

Content warning: sexism

Recently realized that due to some mixed up convos with friends years ago, I was sort of interpreting Folkvangr a very sexy afterlife for Freya & her warriors, which struck me as an outdated sexist idea to have in my head. I’ve been musing on how to understand Freya’s afterlife and, while meditating on her on my walk home, I came upon an answer:

veterans petting cats and not being lonely anymore.

Maybe a room of veterans petting cats and having a great time! That’s Folkvangr to me.

And Valhalla is for dog (and bird) people who are also veterans.

I know it sounds silly, but I actually really enjoy this interpretation as a benign haven for our beloved dead. I hate to think of all our dead preparing for war forever and would much rather envision them petting dogs and cats and gossiping about their descendants.


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