Art planzzzz (ft Frigga)

I was rather grumpy in my last post.

I’ve taken some time to write some Japanese haibun poems (prose-paragraphs + haiku combo) and otherwise encourage myself to take breaks from Norse stuff sometimes. I feel a bit better now.

In my bookbinding class, I keep getting lots of fun ideas for potential zines so that is going to be a blast this year.

Current audio: “Stare” by Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm (two longtime favourites of mine from Iceland and Germany respectively)

I’m gently trying to start a habit of doing Norse things on Wednesdays and maybe also Fridays.

So on Wednesday nights after dinner with my grandma, I make art with Team Norse in mind.

Alongside a friend of mine, I am trying to reserve Friday afternoons for art. Although, when I am with this friend, we spend half the time talking about witchcraft and politics anyway. But still, they manage to write their novel a bit and I scribble poems or stitch my latest project (an ongoing WIP of a skeleton saint, by the way).

So, since my Saturdays are booked for the next month, I am trying to make my Friday nights restful. I feel like Frigga would appreciate this, being a goddess of hearth and home. I know most people celebrate Freya on Fridays, but Frigga has really been encouraging me to worship her lately. If it helps balance things by honouring Odin on Wednesdays and her on Fridays, then so be it!

I’ve been devoted to Odin for years but only really started to feel drawn to and understand Frigga when I started cross-stitching, and later, embroidering. I think she wants to balance out all the Odin/Loki vibes with some quality time being calm and domestic.

I wrote a poem recently about her grief over Baldur. The poem was actually *too* domestic*. A friend kindly pointed out that, like, her qualities are also stereotypes @ women. So now I have been pondering how similar she must be to Odin, to keep up wtih the guy. Like, what runic mysteries does She know? And she knows the fates of everything! Like CLEARLY there be some cool spooky witchy vibes there that we just don’t know about because she’s not really talked about in the Eddas except as a grieving mother.

Like do *all* deities make sacrifices to gain runic knowledge? Did she have to go through some ordeal or did Odin just sit down and teach all the Aesir and Vanir the alphabet? I like to think deities must have had to strive and earn the runes each in their own way. So I’m going to draw some tonight in relation to this idea.

I don’t want to share yet what it is. šŸ™‚

Uh anyway, tangents aside, the point being is that my Fridays need to be restful for the next month or so. As such, I might try to do a Frigga-themed thing on Friday evenings. Or just rest, I am not sure. It really depends on how stressed or not I feel by the end of the week.

I’m excited for this various developments. šŸ™‚

*I want to clarify, I really appreciate and enjoy doing domestic tasks and such. It’s very grounding and pleasant for me.

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