Autumn 2019

I’ve felt a definite closeness to my ancestors this fall. My grandmother, in particular, passed away two years ago in October so she has been on my mind. I left an offering for her today and got a strong protective feeling from her. She seems to want to direct my ancestral veneration practice.

I would love to include Ursula Le Guin and Mary Oliver as ancestral inspirations/ancestor-artists. I also have a lots of trans-sibling and warriorship feels for Saint Joan of Arc. But whom amongst the male Sacred Dead would I include? Walt Whitman? Snorri Sturluson? (is that allowed if I am not Icelandic?) omg no wait TOLKIEN U GUYZ

oh my god


why NOT

but I also need some queers, so maybe Oscar Wilde or maybe some Canadian gays?

I should include some trans folks too.

Things with the spirits are still otherwise on pause. The shrines are smaller. My faith is quieter and more bitter. The destruction at that last remaining delusion, benign though it was, has really had a last impact on me.

I am going to meet with a spirit worker counselor on Friday to talk it out.

Other updates:

I’ve been learning Japanese for two months now. I am almost finished my application for a job in Japan.

I’ll be starting up my dragonboating practice again on Thursday. I really look forward to seeing my team members again.

This Sunday, I’ll be taking a “printing without a press” all-day art class. I’m hoping I will learn some cool new techniques.

What are you all up to?


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