What remains

If I don’t make offerings, what does my practice consist of?

  • devotional art

I am finally tired of this, I think, and am learning to focus on other non-spiritual inspirations. So, right now, my inspiration is werewolves and folk tales. At a scifi/fantasy con this weekend, a historical fiction author encouraged me to read tales in the time or genre I want to write in, thereby getting the right vocabulary and tone.

  • tarot

I certainly haven’t stopped loving tarot. I don’t read for others often, but from time to time, it might be nice. I did deliver spirit messages with tarot for the first time a few months ago. I am hesitant to set myself up as an oracle, because frankly, that is a lot of fucking work, and I have no actual credentials. I am, in some way I suppose, rejecting the gifts the gods gave me, of seership, because sitting and meditating on messages has become profoundly boring and uninspiring to me.

  • runes

My friend Varian is writing rune poems, which I admire a lot! Sometimes, I think I’d like to do this, but given that I am currently trying to learn Japanese, I need to focus more on learning hiragana (the basic Japanese alphabet) more than I do runes.

  • magic

I so rarely do magic. The last time I can think of doing magic was two years ago at a witches sabbat weekend. I never really… got into it? I guess when you look at ceremonial magic or any spells material list, it all seems to take so long. I dunno. I could do sigils, I guess.

Lady Guinevere encouraged me the other day to try again. She’s trying to motivate me into some kind of spiritual action. I feel disinterested. Sometimes, I am not sure of the point of my faith anymore.

  • reading myths and legends

While I do enjoy reading and analyzing texts as an amateur scholar, I just.

Maybe I am going through a fallow time. I could let things rest for awhile.

I’d rather commit to an artistic practice than a spiritual practice anyway.

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