a scrap taken from a draft email to a companion

I do think a lot of trans men, including myself at the beginning, aspire to a gentlemanliness.

Now, I turn a more RPG lense on it, and think about knights, paladins, and kings a lot. A lot of this thinking is prompted by both Shambhala Buddhist and “sacred sovereignty” pagan school of thought that encourage men and women to have the dignity of kings and queens (non-binary people being majesties, I suppose!)

I do think these archetypes can have healing aspects to them, until someone tries to use them to have power over others. For me, such archetypes are more about self-mastery than mastery-over-others.

The King of Cups is my signifier card, but lately, I am on the lookout for alternative interpretations of the court cards. I am using the Numinous Tarot to help me see new perspectives. More on that another day, perhaps.

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