Tarot Notes

Prompted by Benewell’s post, today, I offered a small boost to the Divine Masculine tarot. I’m really excited, as celebrating masculinity is important to me.-

I bought the Welcome to Night Vale tarot at the live show in my city last month. You know what? I am worried it’s too creepy and inaccessible for me. I find having too go online to check the episode and card meaning every single time to be really annoying.

I find myself leaning more towards my (new-as-of-May 2019) Numinous tarot deck which is queer and soft and great.

I feel bad about the WTNV deck. I am glad to have supported one of my favourite shows, but, I feel unsure if I will really dedicate myself to this deck.

I’ve discovered a Steven Universe tarot, called Future Visions, which I am extremely intrigued by, because omg Steven Universe.

The other deck I have my eye on lately is the Herbcrafter’s tarot. As a gardener and new-bonsai-enthusiast I am very intrigued.

Tarot is still a strong ally to me in this confusing, doubtful time. I am very grateful.

Tiny artsy update: I have started that werewolf cross-stitch. It looks great so far, although I’m finding it easy to make mistakes!

I’m re-reading Fellowship of the Ring after finally having seen the entire movie trilogy for the first time recently. The significance of the books is so much deeper for me now, especially since I’ve never made it past book 2.

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