Complex Gods

I used to misunderstand two deities quite dear to me: Odin and Loki.

I thought Odin was a Task Master or Ordeal Master, ready to put me through trials and give me orders.

He has turned out to be quite a different god.

Last week, I realized that rather than a Task Master, He has a mastery over many skills, and so I can call Him Skillful Lord. (For the record, I think I may have gotten the title from Sri Krishna, but it’s still useful.) I hope He will teach me to seek mastery of my writing and artistic skills, rather than desiring 100% perfection.


Loki’s Worldbreaker face shocked me several years ago, during a period of severe mental illness. Looking back, I am unsure if it really was Loki looking at me in such a crazed and mad way.

Last week, as He approached me, He joked that He was a Ringmaster of a circus as I am such a fan of His Children. I wouldn’t want to literally use this as a title for Him, as circuses have a history of confining animals–which I wouldn’t want for Him or His Children.

He reminded me that His alignment is chaotic good. He flashed his braid at me and said, “I’m an unruly god.”

But then in a quieter tone, He asked, “Let Me be mild.”

Such a request is a huge relief after the bout of mental illness I had. It was long, arduous, and painful. So to hear that Loki can be both rambunctious yet mindful is a soothing balm, y’all.

To emphasize His point, He even said to me: “God is Good.”

It’s been a hugely healing experience for me to relearn that these two “wild” deities are good. Not only are they good, but they have my best interest and health at heart.

Hail Lord Loki! Hail Lord Odin!

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