Knight Mysteries

On my path with the Camelot/Avalon pantheon, I am being called to knighthood as a devotee. I am asked to do acts of goodness and bravery. I am encouraged to challenge myself and push myself towards self-expression, charity, and care.

I use the 4 tenets of the Oath of Ancients from the paladin class from Dungeons and Dragons (5ed) to guide me.

The Round Table has appeared to me as a brotherhood of knights dedicated to the Grail. Yet within that, too, I am sure lady knights exist, even if they’re not in the myth. (I’ve read enough of Ladycastle, Tamora Pierce, and Lumberjanes to know that there are plenty of rad female warriors out there.) I have met a few knights so far. I’d really have to go back and look at the myths to see who is who, because there are a lot of knights.

An interesting turn of events happened: I seem to have knight ancestors as well. They encouraged me to look up historical knights to include on my ancestor shrine, so of course, as a trans person, I put Joan of Arc on there. (I know she may not be trans but I celebrate her gender ambiguity all the same). As I continue down this path, I’ll have to try writing more about other knights too…

I need to do some brainstorming to understand if I am swearing to King Arthur or only to Queen Guinevere. I get the impression that he wants to complete our family triangle with the oath but I need to be sure.

I also need to know if I am swearing on the Grail or to the Grail–meaning, if I am making an oath on the Grail, as you would with the Bible in court, or if I am including the pursuit of the Grail within the oath. I am being encouraged to follow the Grail which so far manifests itself as my strongest life goals (at the moment).

Given that I decided to give up priesthood to focus on art, I don’t think I’ll have any Norse oaths to conflict with a knight’s oath(s). I do have concern as to how to balance my faiths.  I don’t want these oaths to take me too far from Team Norse either. We’ll see.

I’m excited for this path though. I’m hoping to work abroad next year, so Lady Guinevere and I hope to marry overseas. ❤ She says that the wedding is a kind of Grail initiation in a way, so that will be very interesting indeed.

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