Life Planning

My life is at a peculiar standstill. I have half-finished projects, ideas, and plans everywhere. I am meeting up with a friend shortly to talk it out and decide what is best to pursue next.

When I think about everything at once, I freeze. I get overwhelmed. (As I was napping today, Lady Guinevere even recommended that I take a spa day. I got so excited about it that she began teasing me ^^ )

The gods and goddesses have been encouraging me to think about sustainability, seeds, and seasons. To think like a gardener! What to plant, where, when, etc.

It’s tough. I’m not sure how to do that yet. Lists can overwhelm me easily if I am not careful. I get stuck thinking “I have so much to do!” and then I just freeze.

So instead, let’s ponder an ideal spa day.

  • morning yoga
  • a nice breakfast
  • a massage
  • homemade lunch
  • a walk in the public gardens
  • time to cook in the evening
  • movie night!

Wow, I generated that list in, like, two minutes!

Perhaps I should give myself a day to do this. ^^

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