The spirits have been daring me and pushing me to think about and DO magic.

On Monday, after leaving an offering of thanks to Lord Odin, I impulsively pulled a rune for the week: Ansuz.

This rune is all about communication: with God, with self, with others. I have so many thoughts about Ansuz.


Communication is my job. I am a teacher. I have to communicate grammar and vocabulary in the best way possible. I just started teaching a new class this week on cooking vocabulary. It is tough! There is so much kitchen jargon to learn. I want my students to succeed.

I got them to make food blogs this week. I am really hoping that it proves to be a successful activity that interests them. Anyway, back to Ansuz…

Miscommunications are another thing to think about: the pronunciation errors I correct at work, the religious delusions I used to experience, a recent technical error I made with Queen Guinevere… many miscommunications are made in ignorance.

Yesterday, a homophobic dude snarked at me. And. Well, that was just harrassment, but that too is a kind of Ansuz, albeit the dark underbelly of the rune. Humans can and often do spit words in anger, jealousy, fear, or hatred. It is a shame, really, that the guy could not appreciate a man in a skirt…

A day or two after I pulled the rune, Lady Freya dropped by with a vision of a rune bag and a note inside. It said, ‘Keep it up!’

It amused me because this is something I say to my students a lot, and, since Lady Freya is my teacher, She in turn said it to me. One is ever the student in life, eh…

Clearly, Lady Freya wants me to continue pulling weekly runes. 🙂

In terms of writing via communication, well, I have not been doing so well at keeping up specific poetry times with Lord Odin (When I do manage it, He gets coffee with whisky.) This is mostly because I am busy with work, transit, and dragonboating practice much of the time. I spend a lot of time preparing for my classes, especially with this new cooking class that I have never taught before. (Once I finish the class, I will have taught all possible advanced classes at this school. I am very much looking forward to going abroad to get new experiences and pushing my career further.)

On the other hand, I have been doing pretty well at writing poetry on the fly: on the bus, during my students exams, in spare moments, etc. So that is alright!

This week, I happily made the discovery of Japanese tankas: a 5-line poem form with the following syllable rule: 5-7-5-7-7. For some reason, I enjoy tankas better than haiku. I guess I need that 7-7 of extra space. So this discovery has been super fun. I spent some time at my favourite library’s national collection, reading poetry. Today, my local friend/bookstore owner tempted me to buy a collection of Japanese verse but I am going to sit on that desire for a bit til I catch up on my heathen reading.

I will admit that with me hoping to go traveling abroad, I am wondering if I ought to pause my Heathen Essentials course with the Troth. I have barely started but… honestly, I really need to focus on all the paperwork, doctor stuff, and prep for the trip. I need to make my shrines portable. I have a few loose ends on the legal aspects of my gender transition to tie up. It is stressful, and I want to focus on my career.

Thoughts for thinking… if anyone reading this has ever balanced taking witchy or pagan classes with life stuff, how did you do it?

In a similar vein, Lady Freya wants me to try teaching a class, on whatever magical subject I choose, but I work, I train, I try to keep up my art and my social life… I am sort of baffled as to when I will find the time. Perhaps I can do it after I make this second job application to Japan. That might be less stressful…

Oh! Additionally, the Numinous Tarot finally came in the mail. It might be nice to do a review of the deck sometime. It is a gorgeous deck that includes queers, disabled folk, and POC. It feels like a self-care deck to me. I relate to the imagery profoundly well which is a nice feeling. I have used it three times or so before. I am looking forward to using it again soon!


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