Getting creative with magical thread

So, I haven’t practiced magic in a long-ass time. In mental illness, I did some spells and rituals that were unhealthy or unrealistic. My magical practice froze for years. But now that I am making art, it’s slowing melting into something beautiful.

Want to know what I did?

I embroidered my name in the runes! AND THEN I doodled two bind-runes on paper and then I sewed them up! They are like little patches I could sew onto something! So neat, so cool! I’m very happy with the results.

I’m not sure what I want to do with the rune patches, but I am glad they exist. ❤

By the second bind-rune, I started feeling bitter about magic, so I asked Lady Frigga to help me purify the spell with salt. She really strongly encouraged me to do so, and as such, I thank Her, my stitch-friendly Lady Grandmother Goddess, for backing me up. Given that this post is so cheerful and happy about my efforts, I think the purification worked!

If the bind-rune patches were a long-term spell, it would be fine to stitch them onto clothing or bags but any that are shorter-term spells would be less useful. Embroidery creates a kind of permanence meant to be long term so one has to think carefully about the spell in question. On the other hand, using bind-runes for the sake of fashion is a perfectly excellent reason to create a heathen patch, so that’s some food for thought too. Bind-runes for charisma or beauty perhaps…

I don’t want to take pictures because I think my magic should be private as I begin again. BUT I did want to post about it because I am very proud of my efforts.

I used an old fabric t-shirt as the fabric. I stitched my name in DMC thread. It was red but I don’t remember the DMC number. I used a pale blue for the bind-runes.

Seriously, stitched bind-runes are a super useful and very easy practice to pick up. If anyone wants to use my idea, DO IT because it looks great and is really fun. Get some sewing needles from the dollar store. If you can, pick up DMC thread from a craft store because the colours are less likely to bleed out (this is called “colourfast”). If not, just grab the thread from a dollar store and be cautious when washing the patches. Be sure to handwash them!

Have fun! 😀 😀 😀

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