Making Mistakes and Adjustments

After writing that last blog post, I’ve realized that I am, yet again, doing too much in my practice. Doing a small home ritual every weekend is simply unsustainable. Two storm deities (Lord Zeus and Lord Thor) helped me understand that I was essentially trying to priest at four different religions.

I’ve concluded that I am not 100% sure what it means to be a devotee. I know how to develop my religious practice through ritual, writing, art, and so on, but I am still learning the slow growth of a devotee versus the focused growth of a priest.

So now, I hope to focus more on heathenry. I’m gonna keep listening to the Saga Thing podcast, develop my hymn book, boost my poetry practice, and try to keep it Viking. (I’ve also managed to find a lift to the Hail and Horn Gathering at Raven’s Knoll in June which is extremely exciting.)

As for my other faiths, well, I don’t know. I drew Lord Hanuman today. I’ve been reading the Republic for two weeks or so. I tried listening to a very dull British podcast on Gawain and the Green Knight. Clearly there is wealth in Hinduism, Hellenismos, and the Avalon paths–I just need to learn how to access it in a chill, low-pressure kind of way. Something fun, I guess.


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