Being Sick at Mimir’s Well

Today, I did a tarot reading with Lord Odin, using the Odin’s Journey deck by Lars Im and Stephen Aitken. (This deck was a lucky $30 find several years ago.)


  • Odin’s connections to others: Lady Frigga (a sacred bond I need to explore more), the Vanir, and Lord Thor
  • writing as orlog or fate
  • change: ignorance rising and falling, shifts in practice, ever-improving discernment
  • Svipall as a potentially new face of Lord Odin that I haven’t examined much yet

Something I specifically want to look at is Svipall and Mimir.

Svipall is Lord Odin’s face as a changing, illusory god who dons masks or glamours to trick individuals or to debate with them. I very much got a sense of “the God hidden behind the world”. This card appeared in conjunction with Mimir (and Gulveig). What does it mean to follow in His footsteps? These questions are things I want to bring with me in the future.

So I was pondering Mimir. What if Lord Odin’s sacrifice of His eye is a metaphor? What could this mean? And what does it mean in my life? Maybe Svipall learns to lose sight of some goals or dreams to access the greater vision that Mimir offers.

People often make remarks on how, when one is marked by Odin, threats to one’s eyes become more prominent in some way. I’m thinking about how I once heard of an Odinsman who wanted to deny Odin’s call. Apparently, he nearly lost an eye in some kind of accident. Now, I firmly believe that the gods do not injure us to get our attention. I think that’s some fucked up kind of thinking. However our disabilities and illnesses can bring us in greater sympathy to certain aspects or likenesses of God or Goddess.

For me, I am trying to get some kind of diagnosis or help around this optic nerve migraine thing that I seem to be having. My eye doctor think that this is the problem but is going to have me get a second opinion with a specialist. These migraines often cause me to see flashing lights, weird patterns, and tunnels of light when I close my eyes to sleep. I also get dizzy lying down. These symptoms make it very hard to sleep.

While I am not sacrificing my sleep nor my eyesight for any noble cause for greater knowledge or ultimate wisdom, there are things to be learned from sickness: abiding patience, an acceptance of illness (rather than fighting it), coping methods, and accepting help from others.

Generally, I like the idea of praying for the greater good of humanity–may my experiences here prevent others from suffering the same experiences. So, greater sympathy and empathy can come from suffering. This compassion isn’t a guarantee, but if you train yourself in it, you can do it.

I don’t want to say that I literally am at Mimir’s Well in any kind of astral sense, but as a hopeful abstract metaphor, I’d rather drink from the horn of knowledge available to me in this experience rather than spit it out in frustration or annoyance at being sick.

One thought on “Being Sick at Mimir’s Well

  1. Good luck with your eye related stuff, I hope you can get the help you need!

    As for relating to gods through disability, I *very* much related to the Madman as a god of blindness, as well as of mental illness.


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