Winter Reflections 2018-2019

Winter was quite the ride.

The Spiritual

In January, I celebrated my seventh year as a pagan. I also did a small rite for Lord Thor that was very nice. That got the ball rolling for doing weekly rites. So far, I’ve done rites for: Thor (Jan), Ullr (Feb), and Skadi (March). (I was too low spoons//time to do one for Loki, so I wrote him an invocation instead which was just as important really.)

I’ve managed to do Hellenic at-home rites the day after group rites with my Hellenic friend. If I remember correctly… it was Hera (Jan), Aphrodite (Feb), and… I can’t remember March. Ares?

I’m still learning what the faerie faith will be with Queen Guinevere and King Arthur. I feel like my understanding of knighthood and kindness has deepened simultaneously.

I’m trying to establish Hindu worship in my home too but it’s slow going. I did manage a puja for Lakshmi. I’m not following the devotional calendar yet. I’m just trying to get a feel for the deities.


I ended up taking on a lot of work in the fall and it didn’t really let up until March. While money in the pocket was nice, I ended up feeling grumpy and drained a lot. Now that I think about it, Feb-March 2018 was excessively busy to the point of temper tantrums. So, this year was calmer.

I’ve learned a lot about what I call “red spoons” or offering someone a negative spoon/energy in order to get something done. It’s not worth the price because I feel like shit after. So, I am learning when to let up in classes, when to leave events earlier, or gently boot guests out the door.

I didn’t end up taking an art class this past winter. I wanted to be able to focus on work without my agenda being uber booked. Nor have I booked myself for an art class this spring. I feel rather regretful about it even though it is saving me a ton of money.

Oh wait–I did take a one day class in watercolours with my best friend in February. That was alright. I didn’t do as well as I thought I would, and I got frustrated. I am, perhaps, more suited to comics. But it was still fun! (My best friend decided she prefers acrylic after all.)

In February, I celebrated the winter holidays by partying at a museum and listening to indigenous people read short stories while folks got to draw on a table. It was great. My Dungeons and Dragons group started a Star Wars campaign too. I’m an alien! Yeah!

As of March, I’ve refused taking evening classes. I just can’t handle staying downtown all day in order to teach at night. It’s too stressful. While I am in a privileged position to refuse such work, I am picking up afternoon private classes.

At the end of March, I took up dragonboating. So I am choosing to prep for racing this summer. It’s an uneasy sacrifice for sure. I’m even scheduling my private classes around my dragonboating practices. I’ve never really done this before.

It feels like the 2 of Pentacles–you know? I’m trying to balance work/paddling/social life/sleep.

Additionally, this March, I bought myself an accordion! It’s a beautiful instrument that I got from a coworker who thought it needed a home with someone who would play it more. I haven’t been playing as often as I’d like but I am hoping with some more changes to my schedule, I can take time to play more. I am teaching myself via Youtube videos.

This spring, I hope to focus on picking up journalism again as a side gig. It would be nice to focus on writing again. After talking with Canadian poet Cat Kidd last year, I realized that teaching academic writing so regularly is actually taking away from my actual writing practice. She told me that she had to stop teaching in order to write more. I doubt it will come to that for me. Either way, I hope to set aside one day a week for writing. (And maybe learn to schedule in accordion practice too, eh?)

My Dungeons and Dragons group has now also started up a historical-Vikings DnD campaign so that’s really exciting. My character is based off of Egil Skallagrimsson, so I get to compose poems on the spot and read them at my gang. It’s super nerdy.

This April, I have already taken one trip to Boston and Salem. I had a wonderful time. In May and June, I already have plans to go camping at Raven’s Knoll. It feels great to travel after winter.

I’m excited for the flowers to bloom. I want to build a new balcony garden!


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