Lord Zeus: Comments

I am hoping to periodically share my interactions with deities. I share these words from Lord Zeus in hopes that others will find use in his remarks.

A month or two ago, during yoga class, I was doing the triangle pose.


Lightning traveled down my upraised hand down my torso and into my lower arm. I had a vision of the lightning traveled down my hand and into the earth. It was the same move that Zuko does in Avatar but at a different angle. What a shock it was!

While Lord Zeus has often struck me with inspiration, this type of lightning has never happened before or since.

His Nature

“I guide the alignment of the planets for you.”

He encouraged me to see that he interacts with me as a godson.

He noted with some amusement that I kept trying to look at him a lot, like the paparazzi. He was bearded with long hair. He, and other deities, have noted that when I look at them, I am basically trying to draw them. Lord Zeus has ever been a kindly god towards me, offering gifts easily. I find him very protective in nature, despite my being allied towards another pantheon in priesthood.

Interaction with the Theoi

The Olympic torch illuminating my heart in the darkness.

“You’re not a slave. We don’t want to force you to worship,” he said as he walked the beach. His toga was firmly affixed with a gold medallion inscribed with a lightning bolt. He wanted me to plant a seed to enjoy worship. (Admittedly, I am still working on this.)

The word worship had become off-kilter. He explained that there is a greater purpose to worship. He encouraged me to compare it to the word honour.  Here I think he wants me to honour the gods rather than to prostrate myself in a sort of falsely humble submissive attitude.

He explained to me that I also need to honour myself (without hubris). I was confused by this last comment so he added: “Don’t worship Pentheus and you’ll be fine.”

Pentheus was a man who refused to honour Lord Dionysos as a new god and was ultimately ripped to shreds for his impiety.

Here, when Lord Zeus speaks of honouring myself, I think he’s nudging me towards thinking about my energy levels or, as I prefer to call them, my spoons. He and the Theoi don’t want grudging worship when I am low spoons. They especially don’t want “red spoons” which are like negative angry spoons. When I feel excessively obligated to worship, rather than honour my energy levels, I end up offering red spoons that, as far as I can tell, seem to negate the offering itself.

If I don’t feel well, I shouldn’t worship. Lord Zeus affirmed this by noting a nearby thoughtform that said, “Pay up!” . He assured me, this is a question We won’t ask you.

In search of a better attitude to cultivate, he noted that I wear a cap that says “FANBOY” on it when I interact with the gods. He approved of this and encouraged me to cultivate this mentality. (He and other deities have also compared this fanboy idea to a puppy, saying that puppylike enthusiasm is perfectly appropriate. The Theoi want me to be as happy as I am to see them as when I see the warm sun.)

Zeus by George O’Connor

Yet He asked me to be cautious with my worship. He asked me not to host Hellenic rituals at home because this would blur the line between devotee and priest. (I do attend Hellenic rituals though–I was at a rite for Lord Hephaestus yesterday.) He has been emphasizing a devotee attitude for me, because I am a priest elsewhere, and sometimes what things I need to do/think as a devotee vs a priest get confusing for me. So, he tried to help clarify it a bit.

As further food for thought, Lord Zeus told me that for me, the center of my Hellenic universe is a book called “Teach Like Socrates.” I have yet to order this book but it’s certainly something I hope to do. I did finish reading “The Last Days of Socrates” just last week. I felt as though I mourned my hero upon finishing that book.

All in all though, Lord Zeus has really helped me get back on track with the Theoi. As I finish this, I can see a doodle of a yellow sun with a smiling face. Hail Lord Zeus!

These interactions happened over a span of two months. A note: when I do have these mental pilgrimages to the gods, I do make astral offerings of fruits, spices, or other appropriate objects.

A haiku for Lord Zeus

Lightning clarity

A name, a poem, a gift

Kind boons from a god

My thanks, O good lord Zeus, for your godly presence in my life!



2 thoughts on “Lord Zeus: Comments

  1. Your UPG to not force worship when you aren’t feeling well is something that I can corroborate. In situations like these, you can ask someone to make an offering on your behalf if it’s a situation where you really want to make the offering but can’t do it yourself. Otherwise, it’s usually ok to wait until you’re feeling better. The only exception to that that I can think of is if you’ve made a promise that included a deadline that you’ve come up against.


    1. Oh! I appreciate the back-up–thank you. I never thought to ask someone to do it for me. That’s a neat idea.
      re: deadlines. Spirits have asked me to “make promises to my agenda” when it comes to deadlines rather than make promises to them. Deities or spirits will occasionally ask me to insert them into my schedule but other than that, I’ve not found promising a deadline to a spirit to be useful.

      my spirit-spouse once gave me a deadline for a few art projects she asked me to create but I got so anxious & stressed about meeting the deadline that she actually canceled it. Now, she’s simply trusting me to complete them on my own time. it’s healthier that way.

      I understand that other people can succeed well with deadlines and spirits but I am not one of those people! I need to work with my mental health rather than against it on matters like that.


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