Halloween & a Tarot class, Nov 2nd 2018

It’s a grey day today. It’s been raining on and off for the past few days. My new running shoes are not proving to hold up in this weather but I suppose I’ll need to switch to a hardier shoe soon. It rained during Halloween but all the kids I saw were too thrilled about candy to be worried about a mild rain.

So, I have been teaching tarot, once a session, to my ESL students all year. I’ve found that, if I am not tracking their learning or my own in this experience, I tend to burn out easily. Tarot begins to feel like a party trick.

I stopped teaching tarot in class for about two months. I usually do it on the last day of session, once all the exams are done and I need to offer an incentive for them to come on the last day to their graduation.

On Halloween this year, I did tarot for two friends. It went very well and I didn’t feel rusty at all! I did find a need to ensure I was not projecting myself (or rather, my anxiety about projecting myself) onto the cards. I was trying to discern if I was projecting myself or simply speaking from my own experience and interpreting the cards through that experienced lense.

I kept reminding myself Halloween magic, queer magic. I find these little reminders prevent me from getting caught up in the idea of ~a traditional way of doing things~ or ~I’m more spiritual than you~.

The readings went well and both individuals were happy. We had nachos and vegan butter chicken together so we all had quite a lovely time. (I also scored a kombucha scobi from my friend’s housemate so that rocks.)

For an hour and a half today, I let my adult students try out my decks. I brought the Rider Waite deck in English and Spanish, the Mythic tarot, the Wild Unknown, and the Efflorescent deck. (I left my more precious decks at home).

They were pretty excited but I don’t think I converted anyone into becoming a reader. I’ve only ever had two students say that they intended to buy a deck and I’ve taught tarot 10 to 12 times at this school already.

Words my level 7 students learned from tarot: coffin, torch, Magician (pronunciation), throne, knight, mass, wands, and shuffle.

I had the usual problem of the word “beautiful” being the first word that my students use to describe the Queen. I must say that I feel I scolded the young man who suggested it but I am not sure he understood.

I tried out kids Halloween music and Paleowolf’s Primordial EP to try to get some spooky vibes on but ultimately it was trip-hop that proved the best music for a chill tarot vibe.

There was one late student who missed out on the tarot but did get to play Uno.

I am writing this on my break. I’m going to hand out report cards and then let them watch the Nightmare Before Christmas.

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