Lady Freya as a Runester

I’m studying and learning the runes under Lady Freya’s tutelage. I’ve studied them for a good five or six years but now that I am fairly mentally stable, I feel my perception is better. My intuitions are stronger and the delusions are short-lived now.

I get Galadriel vibes from her, despite not knowing much about Lord of the Rings.


Lady Freya is someone whom I’ve had a lot of misperceptions and delusions about. She went away for a good while but then returned. Recently, she shared that she didn’t want all that negativity being her legacy in my life. I think this makes a lot of sense and is also really honourable of her as a deity.

I see her as a goddess of magic. Due to the severity of my illnesses in the past, she has also become a kind of death and resurrection deity for me. She seems kindly, even after all this time.

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