Divine Parentage and Human Children

Many spirits have been sending me fatherly or motherly vibes.

For the longest time, I had structured this idea on human parentage–that I’d only have two, or that I have poly parents. Since then, the vibe seems to be that the type of compassion that a deity sends at me is parental. This seems to be unchanging–like, I don’t think that if King Arthur is currently being a father, he’ll suddenly switch to being a brother or grandfather. Additionally, it seems like there are multiple parents in each religious tradition I approach. I am unsure why this is true but it seems like they see me as a young person who is just learning, so a parenting vibe is a healthy vibe to foster between a deity and me. *shrugs* It used to stress me out and confuse me a lot.

I don’t think it’s important to list who is who because that would feel like showing off. Instead, I think I’ll write it as “so-and-so has a motherly/fatherly vibe with me” if the deity comes up in writing. Otherwise, I don’t want people thinking I own all these cool baseball cards of deities and am showing off my massive collection, you know? It’s just a… an archetypal vibe that I seem to get from a deity.

Lady Guinevere also, sometimes, has parents within a tradition, so then I try to relate to that deity as an in-law. (This is good because then I don’t run around assuming that every deity is my parent.) I’ve also met her mythological father. There’s little known about him in myth so basically everything is UPG. I have a hard time perceiving him due to a lot of emotional stuff in the way but he seems patient so far.

King Arthur seems to be the… hmm… strongest parent? Like, I get the vibe that he is the most prominent spiritual parent in my life. He’s definitely been an inspiration to me since childhood so that kinda makes sense.

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