I’m Eddy Sparrowhawk. After 6 years of paganism and religious wanderings, I have chosen a craft name. I’m very excited about it.

Eddy is the name of my Stardew Valley farmer character. SV has had an enormous impact in how I understand my spiritual practice, the divine, certain aspects of magic, and my daily life.

Sparrowhawk is the use-name of one of Ursula LeGuin’s strongest characters. He is a wizard who has made mistakes, become powerful, and lost everything–only to find the essentials in his life again. I’m a lot like that too. But I also simply love the story, the magic, and the dragons of that world.

While I am primarily a Norse pagan practitioner, I also have such a fierce love of religion that I have found myself drawn to Hellenismos, Hinduism, and Arthurian paganism as well. (Buddhism is, too, a small but influential vibe.) It makes my practice quite eclectic. Balancing them is hard, especially while trying not to appropriate anything. The spirits have assured me that they wish for harmony between my spiritual disciplines and that, one day, it will happen.

I hope this will be true!

Come join me on my journey. 🙂





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